Happy Programmers Day!

Happy Programmers Day!

Happy Programmers Day!

Nowadays programmer profiles are the most requested ones by companies, but it's still a profile for many people outside the IT domain.

Cristina Cueto



Today it's the 256th day of the year. That is, 13th September, which is ladies and gentlemen... programmer's day!, or the day that Valentin Balt, a young Russian chose to pay homage to programmers. A date that has certain meaning, since 256 is the amount from a code of eight bits that can be represented with different characters. Therefore 11th September 2009, Dmitri Medvédev, the Russian president by then, decided to accept Balt's request and declare that day as the Programmer's Day

Today a programmer's profile is one of the most requested ones by companies, but still today it is a profile for lots of people aside the IT domain. However, its function is virtually vital since any device or IT program that we use on a daily basis has gone through the hands of a programmer. But do we really know what their job is about? What are their tasks?

First of all, a programmer is a person in charge of designing a website, codifying it, protecting it, as well as its software or IT programs. For that, they use pre-existing software to create an interface oriented towards request. In that domain, it is worth highlighting that there are different programming languages with their specialization for different themes.

"Maybe the "hardest" point about being a programmer, but no less interesting, would be that of staying constantly updated with the new technologies that arise every once in a while. The easiest way would be that of working from anywhere."

Programmer speaking... or typing

At Uniway we have a great team of programmers and since today is Programmer's Day, we talked a little with Bea Ortiz, programmer at Uniway for 4 years now.

  • What made you become a programmer?
    Above everything else it was out of curiosity, I didn't know what programming was and what it consisted on and I decided to try something new everyone was talking about and offered lots of opportunities.
  • Did you know about this world before?
    The truth is that I did not have lots of previous knowledge, I knew just a thing or two they taught me at high school in general terms, like building a very basic website.
  • What is the most interesting thing about this job?
    I would say that there's always something new to learn, it is a domain that keeps changing and evolving and you have to keep up.
  • What are the tasks of a programmer?
    Depending on the type of programmer you are you may take on different functions such as: system management, application/website programming, project manager, IT consultant, support for customers or IT service manager.
  • What is the hardest thing about being a programmer? And the easiest?
    The "hardest", but no less interesting is to stay up to date with the new technologies that keep on emerging every once in a while. On the other hand, the easiest thing would be working from virtually anywhere.
  • How many IT languages do you handle? Which one is your favorite?
    I currently master several languages such as JavaScipt, Typescript, HTML, CSS, SQL... but the one I'm best at and I like the most would be PHP. 
  • What would you say to someone who's not sure about choosing this career?
    That if they're curious about the whole thing they should go for it, because we all started like that and giving it a chance is totally worth it.

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