The Future Means Managing Services

Within the services they offer, Uniway takes its chances on a wide service package that satifies the most important needs of IT clients.

Cristina Cueto



We at Uniway Tecnologies clearly know that service and solution management is the way to a successful future in the IT industry, that's why we focus our work on offering IT services for big companies, including our very own data center (located in the heart of Madrid), allowing for all of our hosting and virtualization services (cloud) to adapt to the needs of each client, maintaining our precious relationship with our clients and always according to the Spanish regulations. In addition, we have another complementary data center for contingency plans.

It is also worth highlighting that all services are offered following a pay-as-you-go model, which implies important savings for companies and for the company's employees to have the highest quality certifications in the market.

Uniway Services

  • Busines Cloud: It is the name of Uniway's platform with preconfigured services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, etc.) for the business sector. Thanks to this tool, we can manage your email, databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL), business tools (SAP, Navision, SAGE, etc) or backups, among others.

  • Data Center: From our DataCenter that covers more than 1500 m2 in the heart of Madrid, we have the capacity to offer our clients cutting edge solutions modularly and flexibly.

  • SAP HANA: SAP platform management; we have a platform exclusively for SAP HANA, certified, with optimal and redundated performance. We have a team of certified technicians who are trained for its proper 24/7/365 exploitation.

  • Cybersegurity: Nowadays, cybersecurity and compliance with the laws in force are one of the most important elements. A single technology or particular threat is not enough, real cybersecurity comes from combining different external and internal company factors, which in Uniway's case are analyzed, and in addition a display and control system through OneVision is offered. Furthermore, regarding data, although the most important thing is not losing them, if that ever happened, we have data recovery system based on the market's leading edge technology.

  • OneVision: It is a portal created and developed by Uniway for their clients to control their physical and virtual IT assets around the world, both at technical and cost level. OneVision allows for the client and the IT and financial departments to share information. Here we're talking about an innovative tool, unique on the market, based on our extensive experience on data center operations and big-environment management that Uniway has carried out successfully for their clients.
  • Clients: From the day it was founded, Uniway has provided services to endless renown customers, in different activity sectors such as distribution and consumption, finance, insurance, and industry. Throughout these years, companies such as Grupo Santander, Metro de Madrid, Reale, Heineken, Fiex, McDonals, etc. have become Uniway's clients.