Uniway Awarded as the Spanish Most Innovative IT Company in Computer World 2020 Awards

Uniway Technologies has seen their hard work and effort rewarded in a difficult year, and have been recognized by Computer World magazine as the Spanish most innovative IT company.

Cristina Cueto



In a year marked by the covid pandemic, the company, with 100% Spanish capital, has once again managed to move forward and evolve according to the business requirements of their clients, staying with them at all times to meet their technological needs and gaining their trust.

“The company has made a huge effort in this complex and difficult year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic where technology companies have proven to play essential roles for society to work. Likewise, the firm, which is now 20 years old in this market, has become a benchmark for the digitization of the local business fabric, focusing on the data center business and cloud technology management," they tell us from the media.

In statements to the media, Hassan Kalantari, CEO of Uniway, values the "team commitment" in managing, training, and developing new solutions and innovative services in a year as "complex" as 2020 has been. "We have made available to our clients the necessary tools to support the evolution of their businesses," he says.

As Hassan Kalantari points out: "Staying in this market for more than 20 years is hard work. That is why it is, if possible, more satisfactory to receive this kind of recognition."