Uniway Takes its Chances on Pandora FMS Monitoring System

This solution allows companies to improve productivity and profitability regardless of their size through an extremely flexible monitoring and control suite.

Cristina Cueto



Uniway Tecnologies, taking their chances on offering the best facilities to their clients, incorporate to their catalogue Pandora FMS monitoring, which offers a flexible control for supervising the whole IT infrastructure of organizations.

In the face of the growing demand for SaaS-based monitoring services, not only by SMEs, but also by startups and big companies, Uniway seeks to make client's tasks easier through this new service, highlighting its immediate availability. Thanks to this monitoring service, companies can enjoy a new Enterprise component that is key for their digital transformation, essential for resource supervision, with the aim of reducing costs, saving time and getting more control over your business. All of this is acquired through Uniway e-commerce with fast deployment and 24/7 support.

The start of a SaaS alliance means that a good dose of training on the product, the company, the target market as well as the ideal client profile is needed

“Uniway has been a Pandora user and client for a long time and we have a great experience with them. It is a company made in Spain that is having great success in places like Japan, the United States, Europe, etc. When we proposed to incorporate Pandora FMS as provider, they became interested and we made our services available inmediately. We know they are one of the best, one of the leades as their work shows, both in the market as well as among the main Spanish companies,” explains Hassan Kalantari, CEO of Uniway Tecnologies.

“For Pandora, this is a very important agreement, through which one of our best partners in Europe is going to offer a close service to all of those enterprises that have as a strategy monitoring as a service,” points our Sancho Lerena, CEO of Pandora FMS. “What makes Uniway different is that they have been offering their services to clients for many years. In monitoring, the hardest thing is the last step. For this project, Pandora FMS brings in technology and Uniway takes its chances on human value, and together we cover everything”. Furthermore, Lerena highlights Uniway's value as a company within the European Union that complies with all regulations in force and adjusts to all security parameters.