Where Do We Head To?

Hassan Kalantari, CEO of Uniway, shares with us in this section his thoughts on the current situation of companies, their way towards digital transformation and what the market offers. 

Cristina Cueto



Digital transformation is the favourite buzz word in the IT industry nowadays, however, not everyone has the same understanding of what it actually means, as the process spans right across the entire business. That’s why a high percentage of all projects fail, as this is not quite understood and most companies think that by splurging money and technology in their systems, they can achieve their digital transformation objectives.

We, as a whole, have to work towards the same goal in order to make digital transformation take place, so everyone can achieve their objectives slightly better than they would on their own.

Let’s first see how MSP in the IT world are today. As its basis we can find a collection of specialised services in each area, which are offered through a skilled company with qualified people and infrastructure, or both, so the client can benefit from a cost reduction and best practices. This seems ok up to here.

However, today the industry has evolved so much in XaaS (Everything as a Service) through the very successful model of cloud computing, that true major providers of Cloud Computing are managing to eclipse the market and furthermore, making all data and processes of the entire business world gravitate under their control. This leaves companies with little capacity for negotiation, since managing huge loads of data and systems is no easy task. In addition, the more platforms are used, the harder it becomes.

If we bear in mind the developments of the last year, when big companies have silenced people and other companies with the conditions of their ever changing policies on the go and with different interpretations according to the needs (and no necessarily related to business questions and responsibilities), the issue gets even more serious.

Multicloud environments are inevitable for most companies, as the giants are taking big chunks of the solutions available today and provide it As A Service, furthermore the Software manufacturers are thrilled with this model (SaaS) as it is beneficial for everyone.

"Cloud computing has become the main altering factor in all aspects. It's made its way into the whole wold, against all initial doubts, and it has even taken many corporations by surprise due to these first doubts"

Therefore, we should wonder about the main challenges companies have to face, in addition to trying to take back the control of their systems and data. We could possibly sum up the main ones like this: data and business processes; business continuity and security risks; costs (direct and hidden); and multicloud environment management.

Cloud Computing has been the major disrupting factor in all of this. It has made its way into the whole world against all initial doubts and even caught many corporations by surprise due to these first doubts and now they’re splurging money in buying cloud computing power and paying millions in advance thinking they can make up for it that way. Far from reality.

To begin with, you have to manage this complex environment through efficient tools that adapt from the very beginning, knowing what the challenges are.

This will end up dragging companies to a consumption marathon, year after year, buying more services from big IT companies. All of this will get their organizations stuck, leading to the worst possible result with control, decision making and cost loses.

Forging new paths

Uniway, as a seasoned Managed Service Provider with lots expertise in the Spanish market, has drawn on their experience and has a solid proposal to set in motion their reaction to take control back, helping to manage some of the main challenges businesses face today and in the coming future. Uniway has implemented a whole system with that goal in mind: OneVision.

OneVision can offer you full control over your systems and assets through the main cloud providers and multiple contracts of its organization, so that at the very least you know what you have, where you have it and how much it is for you. Pretty basic, isn't it?

OneVision can supervise your systems and work proactively so that there's no chance you might get caught by surprise. Your applications can use the app sms service to achieve a stict control over your business processes

Uniway uses the same technology as that of OneVision to automate software deployment under a SaaS model. You may acquire SaaS in Uniway on the go through our e-commerce and start enjoying this service in a couple of minutes while the system configures everything automatically.

We offer a full cycle from service acquisition, instant availability, payments, backup, contingency, single sign on, 24/7 support, life cycle, change management and the list goes on. Everything for a perfect experience.

At Uniway, we offer a full cycle from service acquisition, instant availability, payments, backup, contingency, single sign on, 24/7 support, life cycle, change management and the list goes on. Everything for a perfect experience.

You may wonder why we implemented the SaaS model for the most popular applications... The answer is simple, because OneVision has an interface for each SaaS platform made available in our platform, therefore, you will benefit and see the result through the dashboard ready to use with no implementation project, operating manual or specialist. We do it for you. You may interrupt the service whenever you need it and there are no engagements since we even return you all of your data with no additional costs, something that most of the sector companies don't do. Take note.

Uniway bases its SaaS service on market leaders recognized for their quality, since we want you to enjoy the best of the sector. We are determined to add as many partners and associates as we can; however, this is a huge task we need to work on for the next twelve months and more. Uniway will keep on releasing more solutions in areas such as cloud, backup and contingency and security.

All of this becomes even more relevant if you keep in mind that we have our very own data centers with the highest quality certificates (ISO 27001, ISO 9000 and ENSII, Spanish National Security Schema requested for providing services to the public administrations) from where we provide the best services 24/7/365, NON-STOP.

I would like to finish this discussion by claiming that Uniway has taken responsability for contributing to make business digital transformation keep on going and we feel we are here with a very strong proposal that will no doubt benefit everyone.

This opinion article has been published in the specialized magazine ComputerWorld.