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Professional Pentesting Analysis

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Professional Pentesting Analysis

Professional Pentesting Analysis Service

Price per Ip/website 10€/month!

Our cybersecurity experts will help your company find weak spots in critical resources and improve your security by simulating malicious attacks.

The objective is to find out how far the impact of an attack would go should any take place and to be able to work on being as well prepared as possible.

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Service features:

  • MONTHLY analysis by Ip/website.
  • Fully selectable programming window.
  • Access to SECURITY CONSOLE for reviewing the analysis and evolutionary of 12 months.
  • Report in PDF format with 12-month retention in private repository.
  • 24/7 email alerts.

All this from 10€/month per Ip/website!

You may also hire:

  • • Monthly monitoring by videoconference with one of our experts for review and evaluation of the result, so that the client can establish an action plan. Price 120€/month.
  • Annual safety report. Single payment of 250€.

How does the Professional Pentesting Service work?

Once the customer hires the service through the ecommerce portal configurator, the following steps and status are established for the customer:

  • Agent definition form (PENDING / OK): The client must fill out a form to indicate the IP addresses/public websites on which the analyses will be executed. Only the number of addresses hired will be allowed to be entered.
  • Execution window form (PENDING / OK): The client must fill out a form to indicate the preferences for the analysis execution window.
  • Analysis (IN PROCESS / FINISHED): The analysis hired is automatically programmed in the UW tool. In case of continuous analysis, it will be scheduled to be repeated once a week.
  • Documentation management (IN PROCESS / COMPLETED): Once the analysis is included, the respective documentation deliverable in PDF is generated containing the results of the analysis (report + executive summary). They will be delivered by email to the contact person established during the procurement of the service.
  • Analysis meeting (PENDING / FINISHED): If you hired this option, the video conference with the client is scheduled.

What documentation do we deliver to you by hiring the Professional Pentesting Service?

Once the analysis is completed, the following documentation will be delivered to the established contact person:

Document generated automatically by the tool with all the details of the vulnerabilities found, criticalities and their classification.

Security Console Access (SC)

For continuity plans, the client's contact person will be given the credentials and access URL to the security console, where the customer will be able to see the results of the analyses carried out on their IPs, the current situation based on the last analysis and the evolutionary history of the changes over time.

Reporting annual consultancy

For customers who hire this option, a custom report is made by one of our security technicians, which collects information on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses found during the last 12 reports, their evolution and the solutions applied. Assessment of the current situation and recommendation of an action plan for the coming months.

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