Disaster Recovery Solutions

Design, implement and manage your system replication strategies, ensuring the integrity of your systems, to have a backup should any disaster take place.

Are you prepared for any business-critical situation?

Ensure your business continuity in the face of situations that cause both service drops and data loss. Cyberattacks, natural disasters, hardware failures…


Disaster Recovery allows you to keep your service integrity

We ensure the integrity of your services by designing, setting in place and managing your system replication strategies, to stay covered in the face of any disaster.

Key advantages Disaster Recovery offers to your business


Business and service continuity for your users


Geographical distribution




Adapted to your needs

Virtual Server Replication

Complex virtual-machine synchronous or asynchronous replication services.

Uniway-cloud-stored virtual machines replicated against external datacenters and the other way around. Applicable to public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, etc.), for replication against Uniway datacenter or the opposite.


Storage to Storage Replication

Synchronize the data stored in storage arrays and have an exact copy of the productive data in an external datacenter, always with RPO and RTO values very close to 0.

Data Fabric technology from Netapp with which to replicate Uniway's Netapp storage in external arrays, or external arrays against Uniway's Netapp storage platform in any datacenter.

Application level

Tailored services for application-level replication startup with each manufacturer's own tools.

Oracle (Dataguard), SQLServer and HANA database replication. Each project will be thoroughly analyzed accordingly by Uniway's engineers.


Protect your business now with a continuity plan that keeps your service integrity

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Cloud storage with our support guarantee

Are you looking for a Cloud storage solution?

Back up your business with a Cloud storage service with high support level, in pay-as-you-go mode, with high security levels and complying with GDPR.