Monitor all of your company's Cloud services on a single platform.

Simple. Fast. No complex installations.

Partners tecnológicos OneVision

Being ineffective in the control of your providers can represent huge losses for your company.

Conflictive interfaces?

Today each platform is managed according to the vendor's vision, the same solutions can have totally different processes between similar platforms and require adaptation or training of your employees for each environment.

Confusing payment models?

Often companies enter into models with exorbitant prepayments or make purchases without having exact knowledge of the total cost of the service. The more services you contract for, the more likely you will end up paying more than you require.

Complex processes?

We cannot always count on a fixed picture of the processes and tasks to be performed when we talk about multi-vendor cloud environments. This puts your company at risk because of the lack of analysis and reaction capacity you may have.

Onevision is designed to help you take back control of your data and systems and get the most out of your multi-vendor cloud environments.

Now, CIOs, CTOs, and Cisos will be able to have full control of their physical and multi-cloud IT assets worldwide, regardless of vendor (AWS, Azure, Uniway, VMware, etc) and geography.

Dashboard Onevision
Sistemas y activos

Systems and assets

One-click system geolocation and automatic discovery.

Seguridad OneVision


Online visualization of all attacks on your platform, with IP and port analysis.

Gestión de sistemas Onevision

Systems management

Perform scheduled task chains on your systems between different vendors.

Control de costes Onevision

Cost control

Really know the total cost of your servers between different providers.

Servicios gestionados Onevision

Managed services

Have an overview of the status and relationship of all your company's services.

Entorno colaborativo Onevision

Entorno colaborativo

Manage and delegate responsibilities to your agent accounts to optimize internal processes.

Dashboard personalizable Onevision

Dashboard and business panels customizable by user role

Create in minutes screens fully customized to the roles of your users (CIO, CTO, CSO...) and optimize their experience on the platform.

Simplicity at your service to squeeze the maximum potential out of your data, with a minimum of effort.

Saas Onevision Uniway

100% SaaS model

Contratación directa Onevision

Direct contracting or through our eCommerce

Setup automatico Onevision

Automatic setup

Asistencia tecnica Onevision

Technical assistance service for the configuration of the set with a fixed price for your environment, in case of need.

Monitorizacion Onevision

Separate monitoring service, also self-installable

Paneles personalizables Onevision

Customized visualization panels available for configuration right from the start

Discover Systems & Assets the new era of Cloud Computing

Systems & Assets, the OneVision module that allows you to take the first step to homegenize the interface of all major cloud computing vendors

Sistemas y activos Onevision

Multi-contract per provider

Instant access to all resources

Geographic assets visualization

Asset and service billing reports

Are you ready to take the leap into the digital transformation of your company?

No commissions, administrative costs or hidden billing. Pay per license and according to your company's actual usage.


starting at 175 €

Monthly recurrence

Connection with your usual suppliers
Supervision of 10 or more systems
Basic monitoring of relevant information
Sistema on premise
Servicio de atención y soporte 24/7
Sistemas de automatización de respuestas (IA)


285 €

Monthly recurrence

Connection to all providers (AWS, Azure, etc...)
Monitoring of 50 systems simultaneously
Complete system monitoring
Sistema on premise
Servicio de atención y soporte 24/7
Sistemas de automatización de respuestas (IA)


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Monthly recurrence

Connection to all providers (AWS, Azure, etc...)
Customized system monitoring
Complete system monitoring
On premise system
24/7 service and support
Response automation (AI) systems