Make smarter decisions with your business data

Save up to 40% in software, hardware, maintenance and personnel.

User flow

User flow

Find out how users use your applications: where and how they fail.

User flow


Control all kinds of network devices. Regardless of size or model.

User flow


Manage your service coordinately among support, operations and architecture.

User flow


Get an OS log history and monitoring application.


“What makes Uniway different is that they have been offering their services to clients for many years and they take their chances on human value.”

Sancho Lerena,

CEO of Pandora FMS

Key features Pandora FMS offers

Licencia esalable

Scalable license

Functional, competitive price and possibility of increasing the number of agents.

Licencia esalable

Agile installation

Available from its implementation stage, fast and easily.

Licencia esalable


Complying with European GDPR and with quality certificate ISO 2700.

Licencia esalable


Service with computing, storage and bandwidth resources for performance.

Licencia esalable

Guaranteed assistance

24/7 support, backup service with 7-day retention and 3 yearly restores.

Licencia esalable

Adapted to you

Consulting and customization service purchase according to your needs available.

How does Pandora FMS fit in according to your business needs?


Measure and see your KPIS through virtual consoles understandable for all business units.


Collect information from any devices through the highest security.


Have all your information right away regardless of location.


Simplify infrastructure complex versions and release resources.


Integrate all your old and new devices under a single system.

+500 integrations available

Forget about plugins, support problems and lack of official support.

Partners tecnológicos Pandora FMS

Start monitoring today and save up to 40% in your monthly operating costs.

Fully functional 30-day free trial version

Pandora FMS has Uniway’s guarantee stamp


Client satisfaction


Quality standards


Fast and custom assistance


Certificate ISO 27001


Highly qualified personnel


Support and operation center with Non Stop services 24/7/365


1500m2 data center


Fully understand your system and business processes as well as your needs

“Pandora is one of the best, one of the leaders, as it is evident by their work, both in the market as well as among the main Spanish companies”

Hassan Kalantari,

CEO of Uniway


PARTNER and EMEA official distributor

This international expansion entails making available for all companies an Enterprise service that provides unlimited scalability and instant access from anywhere


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Are you ready to take the leap into the digital transformation of your company?

No commissions, administrative costs or hidden billing. Pay per license and according to your company's actual usage.


Free Trial

30 days without restrictions

5 agents
All the features of the annual subscription
7x24x365 support
ISO-27001 Certification
Hosted in Spain

Enterprise (Month)

starting at 134,00€

Monthly subscription

From 10 agents
All Enterprise functionalities
In packs of 10 agents each
7x24x365 support
ISO-27001 Certification
Hosted in Spain

Enterprise (Year - 12% discount)

starting at 117,91€

Anual subscription

From 10 agents
All Enterprise functionalities
In packs of 10 agents each
7x24x365 support
ISO-27001 Certification
Hosted in Spain

Enterprise +100

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From 100 agents
All Enterprise functionalities
Adhoc solutions
7x24x365 support
ISO-27001 Certification
Hosted in Spain