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Based on our own experience, we've developed a set of solutions for full response to each of the needs you may face when managing and securing data and systems.

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Storage to Storage Replication

Storage replication solutions to synchronize data stored in disk cabins and have an exact backup of the productive data in an external data center, always with RPO and RTO values quite close to 0. Netapp “Data Fabric” technology through which to replicate Uniway's Netapp storage in external cabins or external cabins against Uniway's Netapp storage platform in any of its datacenters.


Virtual Server Replication

Full virtual machine synchronous or asynchronous replication services. Virtual machines hosted at Uniway's cloud, replicated against external data centers and the other way around. Appliable to public Cloud environments (AWS, Azure) for replication against Uniway's data center or the other way around.


Application level

Tailored services for setting in motion application-level replication with each manufacturer's own tools. For example Oracle database replication (Dataguard), SQLServer database replication, or HANA databases among others. Each project will be specifically analyzed with Uniway's engineers.

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Enterprise solutions at everyone's reach, with fast deployment and little investment.


Bussines Cloud

A solution portfolio for your applications that fully supports the main public Clouds such as AWS or Azure, complying with GDPR regulations in force.


Bussines Continuity Suite

Our business continuity solutions allow to keep data protected and always available, in addition to securing backups in the face of any loss or legal requirement.


Storage S3

Managed Cloud storage solutions with a pay-as-you-go model.



We customize the whole security of the environments of our clients to ensure that data, systems and applications stay protected at all times and we overwatch them 24/7/365.


Disaster Recovery

We keep the integrity of your systems designing, implementing and managing your system replication plans to stay covered should any disaster take place.

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