Backup as a Service

Would you like to reduce storage costs while you ensure the highest safety for your company's data?

Todas las facilidades del cloud

All Cloud advantages

Integridad de aplicaciones

Application Integrity

Seguridad garantizada

Guaranteed security

Funcionalidades a medida

Custom features

When it is about backups, there is no magic formula.

Many BaaS formulae compete with different varieties: on site, external, and cloud-based, as well as complicated price models. From Uniway, we seek to make things as easy as possible for our clients and our offer is based on that. Protection in the face of any loss with our managed backup service, keeping the integrity of your information backing it up periodically in alternative locations.





Recuperación de información

Information recovery



Back up de infraestructura (local/Remoto)

Infraestructure backup (local/remote)

Fully managed service for client infrastructure.

Managed and monitored in the NOC of Uniway's data center.

Adjustable policies and restore with different granularity degrees.

Repository located at Uniway's data center.

Back up office 365

Office 365 Backup

Protect your Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive platforms.

Save your data with extended 

retentions at Uniway's datacenter allowing to comply with the current regulations (GDPR).

Take advantage of all cloud features with the assurance of having a data backup at a local and safe location..

EndPoint Data Protection

EndPoint Data Protection

Remote backup service for work stations.

Managed and monitored at Uniway's data center NOC.

Ensure data integrity in case of loss or computer theft.

Fully encripted communications.