Business Cloud

Do you need to improve your company's cloud management efficiency and agility?

We at Uniway have a whole solution portfolio available for the applications of our clients, fully combinable with the main Public Clouds such as AWS or Azure, for our clients to cover their needs and distribute worloads, according to their needs at any given time.


A solution portfolio fully combinable with the main Public Clouds

As user of the main Clouds (public, private, hybrid...), accurate decision making on workload distribution, according to the needs at any given time and obeying to effective cloud expense control, is key for optimizing their use.


Technical advantages

Kubernetes and containers

Very own Data Center management


Public and private virtual hosting

Managed services


Economic advantages

Different purchase and payment options: pay-as-you-go; installments; renting; etc.

Budget prices.


Security and control

Installations of our own in Madrid

2nd Backup Center interconnected with the first one

ISO 27001 Certification

Strict GDPR regulation compliance

Availability, monitoring, supervision and security 24/7/365

Business Cloud Solutions


Iaas & PaaS

Thanks to our very own high performance Cloud platform, we can offer Infrastructure and Platform as a Service flexibly, according to your specific needs.



We have a very interesting Internet cloud-base application portfolio. An integral software solution through a pay-as-you-go model.


STaaS (Storage as a Service)

Are you looking for an excellent alternative to cover your space needs through a pay-as-you-go model? We offer you Storage as a Service (STaaS).


Kubernetes Infrastructure

Thanks to our very own high-performance Cloud platform, we can offer Infranstructure and Platform as a Service flexibly, according to your needs.


Virtual Data Center

Together with the latest sector technologies, we offer kubernetes infrastructure and containers for you to implement your applications under the best practices in DevOps.


Multicloud Infrastructure Mgmt

Your very own virtual datacenter within your infrastructure. We give you the necessary virtual resources for you to create and manage your own data center, virtual machine creation, services, networks, etc...


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