Antivirus protection


The best antivirus services for system advanced protection

From Uniway, we offer the best antivirus services for system, user work station and client server advanced protection in the face of any kind of virus threat including zero-day attacks.

In addition, we have a data leakage prevention (DLP) service at endpoint level. Managed service in pay-as-you-go mode to adapt to your needs.


Deep Learning Technology

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence integrated into Intercept X, both known and unknown malware is detected, without the need for certificates

Active adversity mitigation

To avoid computer persistence, protect against credential theft and detect malicious traffic.

Detection and response for Endpoint

Powerful consulting and response functions to improve threat search and IT security operations.

Expolit prevention

To fend off attacks blocking exploit and malware distribution techniques, as well as those of credential theft or dectection ellusion.

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