Business Continuity Suite

Business Continuity Suite (BCS) is a set of packaged services oriented towards appropriate data processing, guaranteeing integrity and safety in the face of failures in order to ensure business continuity.


Crisis are unpredictable. You need to be prepared.

Ensure your business continuity. Have always control over the most important data of your business.

Currently, organizations are switching to alternative working and service rendering models, experiencing more pressure on ressources and reaching out to processes that could be poor or manual.

Now more that ever, BCM (Business Continuity Management) is a key focus for organizations.


Enterprise strategy over data

Data protection and control

GDPR legal requirement compliance

Data mobility from a service provider to another

What can Uniway do?

Our objective. Offering the highest guarantees, capabilities and flexibility regarding the data protection strategy.


Move data to another provider


Exercise control over data, complying with LOPD/GDPR


Recover data in case of incidences

What do we offer to companies?

Solutions to protect data integrity, with the highest flexibility, regardless of location, environment or type of service. High experience from our engineers.


When does Uniway Continuity Suites come into play?

Uniway Data centers

(more integrated and complete services)

Backup and contingency

Full replication

Third site

Customer Site to Uniway Data Centers

Backup and physic and virtual server contingency

Live Data replication

Third site


Comercial Clouds a Data Centers de Uniway

Backup y Restore de datos


What protection levels do we offer?

For each of these aspects, Business Cloud offers strong technological solutions that make its consecution possible.



Hardware redundancy

Hardware failure protection

Service assurance




Local cabin replication

Hardware failure protection

Service assurance




Local cabin replication

Virtual server data erasure protection 

Data backup with retention




Remote replication of the performed backup

Backup loss protection

Safety regulatory compliance




Remote cabin replication

Main location disaster protection

Off-site replica


Protection level 0. Hardware redundancy

Storage solution on which Business Cloud is based is redundated in all its components:

Redundant power supply

Double controler through cabin

RAID + HotSpares structures

Redundant access paths

ESXi server farm

Its final goal is to keep service continuity should any individual-component hardware failures with minimum impact arise

This protection level is included with no additional cost for all Business Cloud clients.


Protection level 1. Local cabin replication.


We have two twin storage cabins that locally cross replicate your data every 8 hours.

This system offers service continuity in the face of a generalized contingency in one of said storages.

This protection level is included with no additional cost for all Business Cloud clients.

Protection level 2. V.M. image backup.

We offer an optional virtual machine backup service with the following features:

Daily periodicity

Seven restore points

VSA application consistency

100% managed

This service allows recovering both the whole virtual machine as well as the individual files it contains.

This protection level is hired optionally and its cost depends on the GB of the virtual machine/s to protect.


Protection level 3. Remote backup replica.


We have storage in a second location that allows remote daily replication of the backup performed on the main-location virtual machines.

The distance between both locations is more than 6 miles and they are connected by a high capacity point-to-point connection.

This option allows its clients to meet their safety regulations regarding backup data offsite hosting.

This protection level is hired optionnally and always in addition to Level 2 (Image backup).

Protection level 4. Remote cabin replication.

The storage available in the second location allows in addition regular remote replication of the alive data stored in the main location.

Thanks to that, Business Cloud offers an optional Virtual Machine Remote Replication service with three modalities, every 4, 8 or 12 hours.

This service allows having an image of the virtual machine, in a remote location, without the need to go through a restoring process and with recent data.

This protection level is is optionally hired regarding replica periodicity, amount of machines to replicate and their size.


  It guarantees data integrity and security. Hire Business Continuity Suite

  Contact us and ensure the continuity of your business