WAF, DNs & DDoS Protection


We at Uniway offer our WEB-environment advanced protection services and protection against service denial attacks

Thanks to joint collaboration with our partners, we can offer CDN with access points at a global level, access lists and static content cache. Everything under an encrypted-communications environment.



Advanced security thanks to the incorporated DDoS mitigation system and DNSSEC.

Cost saving

Unlimited protection

High network capacity

Load balancer to improve performance and application availability



Integrated and scalable model to protect the most important web applications for your business from malicious attacks without the need to implement changes in the already existing infrastructure.

Access to a global Network, thanks to our partners, that allows us to get a threat-level patented rating by analyzing more than a trillion IPs and digital certificates daily.

Protection against malicious attacks that intend to exploit sql injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, among others, through the simple process of activating OWASP Core Ruleset.



Integral protection system against DDoS, conceived to secure websites, applications and full networks, as well as ensuring that the rightful traffic working is not compromised.

Centralized and decentralized mitigation systems that work together for identifying and mitigating most of the DDoS attacks in less than 3 seconds and with static preconfigured rules that are deployed in less than a second.

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