Help Desk

Single-channel support that makes communication easier and streamlines support, assistance, ticket resolution and technical integration processes.

Does your enterprise have an adequate centralized team?

Help Desk Uniway

Stay in touch with your clients through the different channels using Uniway's Help Desk, a single channel support service that makes communication with them easier and allows customer service to receive, process and answer incidence or service requests.

Available for companies of all sizes and types: from multinationals that offer services to millions of enterprises in different languages, even small customer-oriented businesses that need to answer questions from their clients fast and with no need to hire an army of support representatives.

Uniway offers this help service through a highly equiped department, which allows to:

  • Integrate it with client needs helping them offer first level technical support service to their users
  • Offer first-level technical support service to their users
  • Centralized incidence and request control and management
  • First-level microcomputer support with scaling according to your needs

Soluciones y servicios a medida

Custom solutions
and services.

Cobertura total de todas las fases

Full coverage
of all phases

Las tecnologías más punteras del mercado

The most advanced
technologies on the market

Cumplimiento de requerimientos legales GDPR

Compliance with GDPR
legal requirements

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