Multiple tailored services under a single provider

Management, support and physical computer equipment installation for the proper performance of your systems and environments.

Servicios gestionados

Managed services

Every IT environment needs to be controlled and requires completing more or less complex tasks to ensure its proper performance during its whole lifespan. The experience of our tech employees will be useful for carrying out those tasks, covering different time ranges to ensure that systems and applications stay always available and working at their best. Buying options are modular and flexible for each client.

Servicios profesionales

Professional services

We participate and help our clients set in motion their solutions and infrastructures. Our expert consultants will design and implement the appropriate solutions and services. Auditing and system integration to cover any stage of the implementation. Tell us about your needs and we'll recommend you a solution based on the latest market trends (Netapp, vmware, Microsoft, HP, AWS…).

Help desk

Help Desk

We have a HelpDesk department that enables integrating with the needs of our clients, helping them offer first-level technical support to their users. Centralized incidence and request control and management, and first-level microcomputing support, scalable according to your needs. Get service

More services customized to your company's needs

data center

Data Center

Our very own data center in the heart of Madrid. Our facilities cover more than 1,500m2, with all security, environmental and energy measures in force, according to regulation ISO 27001. 24/7 operations for system full control.

Hosting Housing

Hosting & Housing

We offer physical space to our clients for full rack hosting, or space at Uniway's rack.

data center replicado

Data Center Replicado

With communications redundancy between the main and secondary data centers, and separate accesses to the Internet, hired-service supply is ensured in case of disaster at any location.

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