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Pandora FMS Uniway

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is a monitoring and control software characterized by its extreme flexibility and scalability. Present in 50 countries and in virtually all sectors where there is technology that emits business-relevant information.

Cloud Mail Uniway

Cloud Mail

It is our corporate email solution in a pay-per-use monthly model based on the number of mailboxes. Users will have their own managed mailbox account, with their own domain.

Ubox Uniway


Cloud-based file synchronization and sharing solution that allows our customers to create their own independent space in the cloud to share information with their employees, customers and suppliers, fully safely from any location and device.

Uniway Data Center & Cloud

Who is it for?

Perfect for companies that want to keep physical control over their mission-critical servers and data. We work with customers who need everything from single rack space to large private suites. Increasingly, colocation is in demand by web hosting companies and cloud infrastructure providers.

Perfect for businesses that want to scale virtual servers and cloud storage. Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows businesses to buy and scale the computing resources they need by minute, hour or month. IaaS supports all of your web applications, database and storage needs.

Perfect for companies that prefer to buy software licenses and access them through the cloud rather than buying and installing them on physical machines. Software as a Service in the Cloud (SaaS) allows companies to purchase software on a subscription or license basis and users can be added and operational in a matter of minutes.

Colocacion IaaS Saas Uniway

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Faqs Saas Uniway

In addition to offering extreme ease of use, along with simplified billing and software that is always updated to the latest version, Uniway's SaaS solutions are designed to be available for the customer whenever they need them, while having at their disposal solutions that would otherwise be unaffordable.

You pay only for what you use, being able to scale up or down the service according to your needs. The service is fully managed by Uniway and is accessible from any location.

The service is provided from a PDC (Proximity Data Center), located in the center of Madrid, under strict security measures and always complying with GDPR regulations.

In terms of security, Uniway is in charge of all security aspects, both physical and logical, as well as service recovery in the event of a failure.

Uniway also provides high quality professional resources, without customers having to make any extra investments.