Lenovo Chosen as Partner to Renew Uniway's Data Center

Cristina Cueto



Recently, Uniway celebrated its 20th anniversary, in a very difficult year due to Covid-19, but with an optimistic outlook for the future. A future for which we have to be prepared the best possible way and for that reason, the Spanish company has decided to get revamped and start the project of extending its System Infrastructure, which is the core from where we offer our Cloud, DR and backup services, among others.

To that end, Uniway has chosen a company with such an experience as that of Lenovo to renew their data center. "After a deep evaluation process of the different market leading proposals, we have made the decision to choose LENOVO as technological Partner for the expansion of the Systems of our data center" explains Hassan Kalantari, CEO of Uniway. “Beyond the quality of Lenovo's products, which is a basic requirement in making our decision, we have strongly valued their proposal for support services, the agreed response time and the joint involvement in the development of new business opportunities. This partnership approach has been different compared to the figure of what would be a mere supplier” he adds.

As Kalantari explains, Uniway's offer is wide ranged, so the data center must be permanently operational to provide virtualization services, IaaS and PaaS, SaaS , managed services for BaaS, contingency services for customers, as well as those related to cybersecurity issues and managed infrastructure monitoring services, among others.

As for Lenovo, they are completely satisfied with the choice of Uniway, describing the alliance as a "challenge". According to the General Director of the DCG division at Lenovo Iberia, Rafael Harranz, they are aware of the commitment that Uniway services to their client portfolio implies. "Our product offer for your data center meets the highest standards of quality and reliability in the industry, as well as the requirements that Uniway demands to continue providing their excellent services to the market. This collaboration is another step in our commitment to all local service providers to offer the best product with 100% performance and efficiency guaranteed. Without a doubt, we are talking about an alliance that will offer high value services, with a business model that is highly requested in the IT Sector”.

Once the agreement is formalized, Uniway is confident that this will be the first step in a successful future relationship for both companies.